What does it mean for you to be European?

We thought it would be very interesting for all of us to know what our Discord members think about their European identity – So we made a poll.
One week you had the possibility to vote, these are the results:

11x A – Living together peacefully
7x  B – Being able to work and study in 27 countries
4x  C – Being able to shop tax-free across Europe
7x  D – Being able to travel from Finland to Sicily without passport checks
13x E -Sharing common values of democracy, such as equality, rule of law, press freedom
7x  F – Being part of a great multicultural community („United in Diversity“)
5x  G – Being part of forward-looking society with great individual opportunities
14x H – Having a sense of cooperation and solidarity


The answers were very mixed, which makes us happy. And we must be honest, to choose an answer from the many had not been easy for us.

If you would like to be a part of future polls like these, join us on Discord. Here you can find out how it works.


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