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This project has the enthusiastic support of GUY VERHOFSTADT, Co-Chair of the Conference on the Future of Europe and former Prime Minister of Belgium.


A unique opportunity

What if your students’ ideas could bring change for all of Europe? All EU citizens are invited to submit their ideas for a better Europe, until spring 2022. This is being done in an open consultation called the Conference on the Future of Europe. Be part of this story and help your students to make their voices heard!

The conference is built on three pillars:

A digital platform in all EU languages
Here, you can upload your ideas, and endorse and comment on other people’s ideas.
Experience participatory democracy in the classroom and organise your own event. It’s about deliberating, listening respectfully to each other’s ideas, and agreeing things together. Make sure you register your event on the platform so you can report the results online. You can also attend other people’s events.
Citizens’ panels
800 randomly selected Europeans will take part in panels to discuss the most-endorsed ideas. The best proposals will be presented to the decision-makers at the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council. Together, they will decide which ideas will be put into action. Further details

Why it is important for your students to participate

Launched in May 2021, the Conference on the Future of Europe is more than just a conference. It is an open consultation, inviting all Europeans to share their ideas on the kind of Europe they want to live in. For young people, this is a unique opportunity to shape Europe’s future – their future. That is why we are calling on teachers across Europe to help their students take part.

Moritz, high-school student

Hi! I am about to graduate from high school in Jena, a city in eastern Germany. Democracy and participation are something that should be promoted at every level of education. The conference provides a great platform for that!

Moritz, 19, Germany

Emma, undergraduate student

Hey! I am just finishing my bachelor studies in The Hague. As part of my studies, I develop ideas with my fellow students on a daily basis. I would love it if my professor would motivate us to share our ideas with other Europeans on the Conference on the Future of Europe’s digital platform.

Emma, 22, The Netherlands

Easy to integrate into your lesson

Nine key themes

The Conference on the Future of Europe addresses nine key issues, from climate change to migration and education. It can therefore be integrated into almost any school lesson.

To give you an example: if you are a biology teacher talking about biodiversity, ask your students to develop a proposal to help make improvements. Then, upload it to the digital platform.

Sample lesson: biodiversity

In the first 45 minutes, you can complete or refresh a theoretical introduction as part of your lesson plan. Students should be made aware of the impact that humans have on biodiversity, existing protection regulations (such as those establishing the Natura 2000 network), and environmental management.

Now, the students can get involved themselves. The aim of this module is to let students work independently. In doing so, they should:

  • experience diversity of opinion;
  • apply critical questioning;
  • develop their own approaches to solutions.

The task must be clearly formulated. For example, they should get together in groups of three students, come up with their own idea and upload it to the Conference on the Future of Europe website.

Another option: the groups choose an idea they like from the Conference on the Future of Europe platform and advocate for it in front of the class.

You can use one of the explainer videos to introduce the topic.

You can give the students some help while they work, ideally on the school’s computers.

Afterwards, if the students do not upload their ideas themselves, you can take over.

Share your experience with your colleagues. Make sure that the voice of European students is heard!

Explainer videos for your students

Official European Commission video on how to use the website, edited by MeetEU.

Official European Commission video on how to use the website.

More tips for teachers

The Learning Corner has been developed especially for teachers. It is your guide to participating in the Conference on the Future of Europe, with examples, videos and helpful links. Visit the site.

For more information, please view Frequently Asked Questions or contact us!

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