Strategic Autonomy – Can a United Europe Do Without It?

Together with Klaus from Pulse of Europe Munich, we held a debate on the Strategic Autonomy of the EU on January 12. The various areas included, such as trade and defense, were discussed particularly intensively.

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Before we began our presentation, we took a vote on whether or not the EU should pursue strategic strategic autonomy at all.

After that, we dug into the topic together and answered each other’s open questions. We noticed that under the European Treaties some states are saved from the obligation to participate in hypothetical EU operations.

You don’t know what the difference between strategic sovereignty and strategic autonomy is? We have made the presentation available for you here.

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For the last question, more participants took part in the voting based on the new knowledge gained. Thereby we see quite different answers. The largest part voted for a more pronounced form of strategic autonomy. This diversity also represents the contributions of all participants during the discussion.

Many thanks to Klaus for organizing and to all MeetEU friends who were present.

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