Upcoming Events

August 4,
18:00 CEST

Live Discussion

Brexit Talk with #EUsupergirl Madeleina Kay

What is it like to be young, pro-European and British while the UK has officially left the EU on 31 January 2020? The withdrawal of the UK from the EU, which became widely known as Brexit, agitated British society in many ways. In the course of Brexit, Madeleina Kay became a vocal pro-European activist in her country, which earned her the name #EUSupergirl.

On 4 August 2020 at 18:00 CEST she will share her experiences of the last years and will show you Brexit from a very personal angle.

MeetEU you at Talkroom1

August 11,
18:00 CEST


Workshop: Introduction to the EU-institutions

How is the European Parliament elected? How do the EU Institutions work together? And how does the EU pass new laws?

These and more questions are touched upon in our workshop. You will gain valuable knowledge about the European Union and its institutions or refresh the knowledge you already have. This will prepare you to follow EU politics more closely and understand the processes that unfold in Brussels.

So join us on 11 August 2020 at 18:00 CEST and learn more about the EU-Institutions.

Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Germany.

This workshop is free of charge!

MeetEU you at Talkroom1

August 18,
18:00 CEST

Past Events

July 21, 2020 — 18:00  CEST:

Understanding EU Jointly:
Assessing the European recovery and budget package – A glass half full or half empty?

July 14, 2020 — 18:00  CEST:

What you need to know about the Columbus laboratory and other ESA projects
What is Europe actually doing in space? What is the Columbus module? And what is ESA?

Lucas, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

July 7, 2020 — 16:00  CEST:

German Presidency of the Council of the EU
Germany is set to hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU from 1 July 2020. Many pressing topics need to be solved, such as Brexit, the long-term budget of the EU and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. What could it mean for Germany to preside over the Council of the EU? How can it shape the presidency? Who is involved? What will be important?

Thilo, Press Officer at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Berlin

June 30, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

First generation academics as European bridge builders? – Why social diversity in EU institutions matters
People with a migration background and those from non-academic families are strikingly underrepresented in the work environment of the EU. The initiative “ArbeiterKind Brüssel” wants to encourage more first generation academics to study or work in Brussels and at the same time raise awareness in the European quarter about their special skills and qualities – for instance as ambassadors of the European idea which can comprehensibly explain EU affairs to broader parts of society.

Benedikt from the initiative “ArbeiterKind Brüssel” (literally ‘Working class child Brussels’).

June 23, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

Situation of the Judiciary in Poland
Let’s analyze together: Where do we stand? How did we get there?

Klaus, Pulse of Europe

June 16, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

The EU Immune System: The Infringement Procedure How does it work? Does it work?
You have no idea what we are talking about? Great. You definitely should join our talk next week;)

Klaus, Pulse of Europe

June 9, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

Carreer opportunities within the European institutions
If you are interested in a career within the EU institutions, make sure to join us in Talkroom 1.

Jill (PR Officer), Astrid (PR Officer) and Annika (Trainee) from the European Parliament Liaison Office in Berlin

June 2, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

The Franco-German recovery fund initiative. Helpful or divisive?
Were Merkel and Macron right to come forward with their proposal without having included the other 25 in the discussion? Is this how successful leadership works or did the stepping ahead make other member states feel passed over? We are excited to hear your arguments and perspectives.

Klaus, Pulse of Europe Germany

May 26, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

How can the European Union provide equal education for all?
Poverty and social exclusion are depriving many European children of educational opportunities. What can the European Union do to guarantee every child a fair start in life? How can it ensure access to higher education for all ?

Moritz, high school student in Germany

Everyone is welcome to join, even if you haven’t been to school for a while :slight_smile:.

May 19, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

Factual overview on the EU’s financial response to the Corona crisis
After the talk you can ask questions and discuss with us how can we combat the economic fallout, what long-term recovery strategy we need and if there should be a spending control on EU level.

Willemijn de Jong, PR Officer and former official at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON) Secretariat of the European Parliament

May 12,2020 — 18:00 CEST:

The Challenge of Mastering the Pandemic and its Economic Impact jointly
To give you some background: On May 19th (18:00 CET) we’ll have the exclusive opportunity to talk to Willemijn de Jong, PR Officer, Liaison Office European Parliament Netherlands, about the EU‘s financial response to the Corona crisis. In preparation of this event we want to identify what we deem to be the key questions so that we can get real benefit from the availability of this EU PR Officer.

Klaus, Pulse of Europe

May 7, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

See and Change / Book Reading with Leonhard Hepermann

Leonard Hepermann, a young German together.eu volunteer. His book is about what should the new Europe look like? How do we manage the ecological transformation? After the reading you can ask questions to Leonhard and discuss visions for a future Europe.

May 5, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

Coronavirus app – what’s going on in your country?
Several EU member states are designing smartphone apps to help track the spread of Covid-19. Tell us what is the situation in your home country? Should the app be mandatory or voluntary? What about data privacy versus public health? Will Europe succeed in pushing through a common standard?

Introduction by Klaus, Pulse of Europe

April 28, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

The pandemic as a fresh start for a more climate-friendly Europe?
Lars, Bachelor student European Studies, the Netherlands

April 26, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

How European do you feel?
Most of us on this server are European citizens – but what does it mean to feel European? Get you a cold drink (or a hot coffee) and tell us.

April 21, 2020 — 18:00 CEST:

ERASMUS and Covid-19 – Your questions please!
“I wanted to go on ERASMUS this summer – can I leave the country?” — “I have already booked my trip to start my ERASMUS semester – but my host country has closed its borders. Will I be refunded?” ERASMUS in the time of coronavirus raises many questions.

Michel Boehm from ERASMUS Student Network Germany (ESN)