MeetEU – A successful start to 2021?

Let’s talk about how you liked the first months of MeetEU! To give you an overview of exactly what our ideas were for the first months of the year, we have briefly summarized them here for you.

We have used the first three months of the new year on MeetEU to try out new formats and diversify the backgrounds of our guests. While we welcomed many MEPs on very interesting topics at the end of last year, we have been able to discuss current issues with speakers from NGOs, climate activists and scientists in the last weeks. In this way, we have achieved our goal of introducing our participants to issues from different perspectives. In addition, we were able to offer seminars on specific topics (EU elections, strategic autonomy), which are becoming increasingly popular in this form. We have expanded our communication channels by setting up two new social media accounts, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We have also begun planning for a series of events in May. For this, the community has chosen the title: It’s up to EU. Even though a large part of the organization is still ahead of us, we are already very much looking forward to this special month, in which we will talk with guests from various political groups, especially about the conference on the future of Europe. At the same time, we have events coming up in April that we have not yet realized in this form on MeetEU.

January-April in figures:

  • Over 150 participants
  • 11 events
  • Speakers from 5 different countries (3 first time on MeetEU)


MeetEU is Europe”: Map ©Alexrk2 (CC BY-SA 3.0) from last accessed on 25.01.2021

What are your wishes for the next three months?

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