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Unis dans la diversité – that's exactly what we are. MeetEU is an initiative of volunteers from more than 15 EU member states.

Since April 2020, we have been organizing weekly events with Members of the European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EU activists and scientists. At our events, people from all walks of life discuss their ideas directly with European decision-makers and experts. 

Our goal is to connect European citizens across national and generational borders with each other and their EU representatives. This way, we pursue our mission to contribute to building an European Public Sphere. 

MeetEU is an independent non-profit association (under French and German law) that is not funded by any political party, business or EU authority.

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MeetEU is a collaborative project. All team members give up their spare time in organizing events and campaigns. This is a great way to make new friends and to contribute to a united Europe. Together, we've achieved many milestones.

Qui organise MeetEU ?

C'est nous !



Founder & Co-President
Bonjour, je m'appelle Tina. Je crois en l'amitié et la solidarité européennes. Ma vision de l'Europe est celle d'un continent où les gens se sentent "Unis dans la diversité" du plus profond de leur cœur.


Hi, I'm Moritz. Over the last couple of years, I dedicated many sleepless nights to this great project. Why? Because I think that we need to have a debate today to create a better Europe for tomorrow.


Digital Infrastructure
Ciao! I believe the EU helped the countries and the people of Europe make peace reality. I joined MeetEU to discuss our ideas about the future of Europe with people from every corner of the continent and beyond.
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Marceting & Communications
Ciao sono Elena! Having lived many years far from Europe, I appreciate even more the importance of being a part of such a community, like Europe, especially in this historical moment. I strongly believe that Europe could be an amazing example of democracy that we have to build together day by day.


Event Planning & Organization
Mes cheveux gris me permettent de pousser la moyenne d'âge de notre groupe un peu vers le nord. C'est un grand plaisir de coopérer avec un groupe aussi dévoué à cet objectif élevé d'une Europe unie. Une UE fondée sur les droits fondamentaux et un environnement sain, voilà ce que je veux laisser à mes petits-enfants.


Event Planning & Organization
Hello! I am Lars, and I strongly believe that united in diversity we have the opportunity to overcome today’s challenges by engaging with each other and that’s precisely what we do at MeetEU. I am committed to uniting Europe and creating a more inclusive and greener continent for current and future generations.


Event Planning & Organization
J'aime façonner l'avenir de l'Europe, mais il faut d'abord que nous ayons une discussion sérieuse et informée. Je me porte donc volontaire pour que les gens s'intéressent, eux aussi, à façonner activement l'avenir de l'Europe.
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On-Site Operations & Partnerships
Salut tout le monde! My name is Edouard, and I am committed to contributing to the creation of a more united, sustainable, inclusive, and transparent Europe for future generations. I’m excited to engage in discussions on perspectives and ideas with people all across Europe!


Event Planning & Organization
Je crois fermement en un avenir radieux et en notre capacité à le construire ensemble. Un avenir libre, équitable et démocratique. Faisons avancer l'Europe sur la base de l'espoir, de l'empathie et de l'optimisme.


Social Media
Olá, my name is Michael. My contribution to the European project is near and dear to my heart. I am strongly committed to our shared European values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. Viva Europa!


Social Media
Selam, I'm Hira! I believe that the more knowledge is shared, the more light is lit, which naturally allows us to live in a more just world. Let's build a democratic place in which justice and equality prevail and everyone can make their voice heard by joining hands together.


Your Talent here
Are you passionate about Europe? Do you love working independently, organizing virtual or in-person events, and letting your creativity shine?
If so, join the transnational MeetEU team! Contact us here or via social media!


Together for a more united Europe.

To keep MeetEU as accessible, free, and independent as possible, we rely on grants and donations. We're proud to count on a European Network of supporters!



Thank you!

MeetEU does not receive donations but draws on free services from technology companies. We are grateful for this since it is the only way to realize our project. We appreciate this commitment! Btw. We are not getting paid for this, we just want to say: thank you!

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In a team with more than 15 nationalities, not everyone can be a native English speaker. Grammarly acts as our writing assistant and everyday companion.

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