Upcoming Events

May 18
20:00 CEST

With Daniel Freund
(Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA)

Saving United Europe by Fixing the Election Process

This is what we will talk about on May 18 with Daniel Freund, who was elected MEP for the Green Party in 2019.

Elections for European Parliament lack focus on Europe. They are run nationally, by national politicians on national campaign platforms focusing on national issues.
In our talk we will zero in on two specific proposals to change that: First, the introduction of „Transnational Electoral Lists“, a concept that has been in the making since the ´90s. Second, the introduction of „Transnational Campaign Platforms“, an idea developed by the MeetEU team and submitted as a proposal to the Conference on the Future of Europe platform.

In our talk with Daniel Freund we expect to hear first hand from a frontline politician how he rates the pros and cons of these proposals as well as the likelihood of their adoption.

Join our talk on May 18th at 20:00 CEST to listen in and bring your thoughts to the table.

This event will take place on Webex.

May 25
17:00 CEST

With Iratxe García-Perez
(Member of the European Parliament, President of S&D) 

The Conference on the Future of Europe – What Difference Can It Make?

More information follow soon.

This event will take place on Webex.

May 27
18:00 CEST

With Pedro Marques
(Member of the European Parliament, S&D)

Regional Differences in Europe – How Can we Overcome Them?

Europe is known for its famous cities like Paris or Rome. On the other hand there are rural areas like Alentejo and Transylvania. Having different regions with different economies and different needs in a united Europe presents us with great challenges.

To correct these imbalances the EU has launched several funds to strengthen economic and social cohesion, such as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

What are these funds about, and where does the money go? Have these funds had any effect so far? Join us on our conversation with Pedro Marques, MEP S&D.

This event will take place on Webex.