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Mar. 09
19:00 CET

Working Title:
Portugal’s Plans for the European Council Presidency

Liaison Office of the European Parliament in Lisbon

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Mar. 16
18:00 CET

EU for Climate – Let’s Act Now!

On March 19, people around the world will take to the streets to once more raise awareness on the importance of opposing government policies that still do not take the 1.5 limit as an absolute must, even during the pandemic. In the EU alone, more than 130 rallies are planned in various cities.

What are they demanding from European politics, what are their fears and hopes? Why is the demand for “climate justice” crucial, and what does it entail? And what can we personally do to decidedly oppose government policies that only lead us more into the wall?

Let’s get into a conversation, together with climate activists from different European countries we will talk about the current challenges for society and politics.

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Mar. 23
18:00 CET

EU Elections
Do they lack Focus on Europe? (2/2)

Together we will take a look at the process for picking the people charged with shaping Europe’s future and discuss tweaks to the process. Be sure to bring your Ideas and join us! 

Klaus from Pulse of Europe

This event will take place on Discord.