There Is Another Russia – Insights Into Russian Civil Society

With the Russian annexation of Crimea, Russian meddling in Eastern Ukraine in 2014 and finally with the full scale war of aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 all dreams of a viable partnership with Russia have been thoroughly  killed. Russia again has stepped into the role it occupied before 1989: The monolythic systemic enemy of the European Union. Putin controls the field. The opposition is brutally suppressed.

At tonight’s event we will talk to Ms. Elizaveta Shlosberg, representative of “Alliance for a free and democratic Russia”, a German organisation of mostly Russian emigrants based in Nuremberg. She will offer us insights into the activities of Russian emigrant organisations in Europe and civil society developments in pre-presidential-election Russia.

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Mardi Gras – We Take a Break

As every year, MeetEU team members are dressing up like EU Politicians to simulate a EU Council Summit. Unfortunatly, tickets for this spectacle are already sold out – sorry. But you can support our great creativity, and all the work we do besides, by sending us a donation.

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Chat with Guy Verhofstadt: The United States of Europe – A Must in Today’s Geopolitics

China wants Taiwan and control of the South China Sea. Russia is striving to reestablish its Soviet-era hegemony in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, presidential candidate Donald Trump says he might not defend small NATO allies or those not spending enough on defense.

What if the United States backs off from Europe? Can the EU guarantee safety for Eastern European members? Is the EU in the current form able to stand its ground in this global alligator pond? Many argue that we need a powerful new vision for the Continent. Is it now time to rebuild the European Union as “the United States of Europe”?

Who could be better to learn from about these issues than Renew MEP Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgium Prime Minister, and Board Member of the Spinelli Group of the European Federalists.

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