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Apr. 20
18:00 CET


One Year MeetEU – What brings the future

“Dear MeetEU friends, one year ago we started this project and at that time we never imagined to be able to connect so many interesting Europeans. It is not only our guests – whether MEPs, activists, scientists or EU experts, but especially our members who have made this project what it is today.

The team behind MeetEU has dealt with many issues, not everything has always gone as planned, but looking back it has been a great time where you have given us the motivation to keep going.

“Keep going” is the word of the hour, every project is finite – MeetEU too. But we are not thinking about that at the moment, rather we have to use all our experience now to become active in the context of the conference on the future of Europe and turn all that knowledge we have built up into action now.

Let us take this step together, each of us in the areas that are particularly important to her or him. Let’s talk about Europe, let’s move it forward! Its up to EU!”

– Your MeetEU Team

In this event we want to talk about the past and at the same time think about the future. We will introduce you to May, which will offer MeetEU many new opportunities. We are looking forward to hear you, bring cakes!

This event is going to take place on Discord

Apr. 27

MeetEU takes a break

In preparation for the MeetEU special: It’s up to EU 

May 04
18:00 CET

With Maria Noichl
(Member of the European Parliament, S&D) 

Active for gender equality!
What is the EU doing and is it enough?

“The feeling of complete equality in the sibling line of my family was followed by a cold bath of disillusionment after the birth of my first child. As a young adult woman, I decided to fight violence against women and founded the Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Hotline with other women in Rosenheim. Since that time, I think: Knowledge increases pain. But looking away is no longer possible.”

– Maria Noichl, European politician from Rosenheim, born in 1967, two sons, four grandchildren, trained specialist teacher for nutrition and design.

The Corona crisis has highlighted the gender inequality, while at the same time the current generation is growing up with the name “Generation Equal.” A contradiction, because many grievances existed before the pandemic, such as unequal pay for the same work and disadvantages in the labor market due to family situation.

“Equality for all and equality in all its senses” is one of the guidelines of Ursula von der Leyen. Fittingly, the European Commission has set up a Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, which addresses the current gaps. As the second program of its kind, it will have to address various challenges, the rising number of femicides and growing economic inequality.

What measures are being taken by the EU institutions and are they enough to achieve the gender equality already established in the 1957 Rome Treaties? Let’s talk about it with Maria Noichl, MEP S&D.

Maria Noichl (MEP S&D) 

This event will take place on Webex.