The State of the European Union – as Viewed by the MeetEU Community

Join us for a unique perspective on the State of the European Union address! Last week, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, shared her insights and plans. Now, it’s our turn.

At MeetEU, we’re looking at the European Union through the lens of citizens. What have we achieved in the past year, and what challenges should be addressed in the future?

In small groups, we’ll create our own Citizen’s State of the European Union speech. Join in, let’s have a conversation, and have fun!

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Being A Journalist in Europe – A Pillar of Democracy in Danger?

Despite the popularity of social media, 7 out of 10 Europeans still rely on TV for their news. However, those who deliver the news, the journalists, often confront risks like legal troubles, financial pressures, or even violence.

To address this issue, the Media Freedom Act has been drafted. Its goals are to provide journalists with more security, increase transparency for citizens, and regulate a European media market that is becoming more consolidated.

Join us in examining the concerns related to press freedom in Europe and potential solutions. We will delve into this matter with Irena Joveva, a former journalist and a Member of the European Parliament from Renew Europe.

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Together Towards an Inclusive Future: Strategies and Solutions

“We need more inclusion” – a sentence everyone likes to say and hear. But why do almost half of the people with disabilities live in poverty because they are unemployed or working in workshops where you earn €1 per hour? Why are there still separate schools and free-time facilities? Where is the political representation of people with disabilities? Even though there are binding laws, things don’t seem to improve much in the EU.

We’ll talk about this with Katrin Langensiepen, a Green MEP. She is the first and only MEP with a visible disability in the European Parliament and wants to make sure that those who have no political representation are not forgotten.

What changes do we need to ensure true inclusion and what is the real state of inclusion in the EU? Join us to discuss and to ask your questions about this critical topic.

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