Facing New Challenges – Is Today’s EU Ready to Last?

This week, some 400 Million Europeans will shape their continent’s future by voting for a new European Parliament. For more than 13 years, Klaus Welle has administratively put this institution at the heart of EU democracy as secretary general of the European Parliament.

While advocating for a stronger parliament with more competencies, Welle also shaped the physical character of the institution to make it more transparent: The EP’s House of History, its new visitor center in Brussels. Politically, he calls for a sustainable European Union ready to last, along with the seven D-Notions: Debt, Defence, Democracy, Demography, Digital, De-carbonisation, and De-globalisation.

Join our special election event to discuss the Future of the European Union with someone who knows the functioning of the European Parliament by heart. Share your views on what it takes to make the European Union a lasting success for future generations.

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Citizens making laws – how does that work?

Once every 23,000 years—that’s the chance for a European to be selected for the European Commission’s Citizens’ Panels. Marie Louise was chosen. In November 2023, she received a call inviting her to share her views on energy efficiency. Along with 150 other EU citizens from diverse backgrounds – teenagers, parents, retirees – she developed policy ideas. These ideas and recommendations are supposed to guide the European Commission in creating new laws on energy efficiency.

How does such a diverse group work together, discuss unfamiliar topics, and develop proposals? Marie Luise was there and will share her impressions with us.

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Can you achieve the 1.5°C goal? A Climate Policy Simulation

What if you were the world leader tasked with solving the climate crisis? Test your ideas in the En-ROADS climate simulation workshop. Propose solutions like energy efficiency, carbon pricing, fossil fuel taxes, reducing deforestation, or carbon dioxide removal, and see their real-time impact on global temperature. Can you achieve the 1.5°C goal?

Over 6,500 leaders from government, NGOS, business, and academia have participated in this workshop.

Your facilitator, En-ROADS Ambassador Bas Tuenter, is the founder of Sustainables, a start-up focused on reusing lab disposables. He discovered the En-ROADS simulator while volunteering in the UN youth climate space at COP25.

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