Event Report: Mayor-Citizens talk – How to bring the Green Deal to the cities

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the transnational Project MeetEU.eu organized a citizen-mayors online event about the implementation of the European Green in the cities of Europe. As speakers, we welcomed Jeanne Barseghian, Mayor of Strasbourg, and Katrin Habenschaden, second Mayor of Munich. 

Main Ideas

Electric vehicles (EV) as a buffer storage for the city; parked EVs could become the battery storage of the whole city, stabilizing power grids powered by wind and solar energy.

Turning the roofs of shopping centers (and the like) into green zones (with meadows, trees etc.) where residents can spend their spare time and exercise.

Reuse of buildings first: Before new construction projects are started, ensure that there are no abandoned offices, shopping centers, factories, schools, etc. that could be refurbished.

Oct. 19
18:00 CEST

Event part of the
Mayor-Citizens Talk: How to bring the Green Deal to the cities?

The EU wants to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050. Cities are key players in this transition. They consume the most energy and emit the most greenhouse gases.

So how is the Green Deal being implemented on a local level? What are mayors doing to enhance quality of life in their cities – what measures are they taking to make cities greener to protect their residents from heat stress and extreme weather events? What are they doing to decarbonize buildings and transport? And is there a best practice exchange between EU cities?

We’d like to discuss these questions with two majors of two important European cities: Jeanne Barseghian (Mayor of Strasbourg) and Katrin Habenschaden (2nd Mayor, City of Munich).

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