Event Report: European Expectations – What the New German Chancellor Should Deliver 

Some comments from the participants:

(A person from Estonia)
I admire Merkel for her ability to compromise. But the next German chancellor should take a harder line on Russia. Estonia, for example, has reduced its independence from Russian gas as much as it could.
In addition, the new Chancellor should reconsider the cooperation with China and the far-right movements in Europe.

(A person from Sweden)
Although the Hong Kong government cracked down on the Hong Kong democracy movement, Germany maintained business as usual with Hong Kong and China. The next German Chancellor should be more aware of the Far-Right and nationalistic shift in many countries. We had this at the beginning of the 20th century. Europe and the world are moving in dangerous dimensions. This is an issue the new German Chancellor should address.

(A person from Poland)
The Western world values profits over people. On international stage, we are dealing with men like Putin and Xi Jinping who want to control people. But we as Europeans must think first and foremost of lives and human rights, not profit.

(A person from Germany)
I’m a high school student. I’d like the next German Chancellor to save the Earth for my generation.

(A person from Belgium)
Europe and Germany should use energy or trade dependencies for gradual change. Corporations should have something to lose if they do business with us. Take Huawei. The EU or Germany should say, we give you a 5G contract with certain limitations, relating to an improvement of the human rights situation. If these requirements are met, we can talk about expanding the contract.

(A person from Poland)
I disagree. No arrangements will change autocracies. These countries are no democracies. They don’t care about human rights or civil rights. They just take our money and continue to oppress people and making minorities subjects to forced labor. The next German Chancellor should take a more active role in addressing this issue.

(Another person from Germany)
We shouldn’t look only at the candidates who run for German Chancellor, but also at the people they sit at the table with, for instance the coal or automotive industry.

(A person from Germany)
My hope is that we won’t destroy Earth in the long run. That is why the new German Chancellor should pursue ambitious climate goals.

Sept. 21
19:00 CEST

Community Event
European Expectations – What the New German Chancellor Should Deliver 

Poland’s freedom icon Lech Walesa believes powerhouse Germany should lead either a deeply reformed, or an entirely rebuilt European Union, in the wake of a possible Brexit. (Euractive 2016)


Germany with its tightfisted approach on Eurobonds, common debt and spending should get out of the way and leave the European leadership to more progressive countries like France and Italy. 

It is between these two positions that the expectations of European citizens vary.

Please be prepared to discuss the expectation of your fellow countrymen and -women! After a short introduction, you will have the opportunity to express your opinion.

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