Become a Climate Pact Ambassador

If you care about the environment and aim to have a more sustainable way of living for you and the planet, you can upgrade your commitment and become a Climate Pact Ambassador.

The European Climate Pact is part of the European Green Deal and is meant to be a lively space to share information, debate and act on the climate crisis. It offers support for a European climate movement to grow and consolidate.

Who can become an Ambassador?

Anyone can raise awareness, inform and become an inspiration for their communities and networks to take action for a greener Europe.

What’s your role as an Ambassador?

  • Reach out to people who are not yet involved in climate action but could play their part.
  • Inform, inspire, engage and support climate action within your friends, family, at work/university/school, neighbourhood.
  • Lead by example in climate action and in environmental protection (posting a pic of your cool reusable water bottle is a nice little step!). You can also organise online and offline events, peer to peer thematic info sessions, run campaigns in the media and social media, organise specific activities related to climate and environmental action e.g. beach or forest clean ups or planting trees!

What are your benefits of being an Ambassador?

You will be recognised by the European Commission for your role as an Ambassador, be given visibility for your climate action, receive communication tools and access to the network of Ambassadors.

Ready for the next step?

Check all the details on how to become a Climate Pact Ambassador on 

*The information about the project does not come from MeetEU but from a official EU site. We cannot answer any questions about the project.

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