About Us

The story so far ...

We are a network of volunteers who participated in the European Parliament’s #thistimeimvoting (now together.eu) campaign in 2019.

The high voter turnout in the European elections motivated us to stay envolved. Why not connect with all these amazing people across Europe?

That’s why in November 2019 we set up a MeetEU pilot group with people from different European countries. In March 2020 we opened the MeetEU Discord server for all together.eu supporters, in April 2020 for the general public.

The initial monthly discussions have now become one event per week. Great, the European exchange of ideas is picking up speed!

The People Behind

Hi, I'm Tina. I believe in European friendship and community spirit. That's why I initiated MeetEU.

My vision for Europe is a continent where people feel “united in diversity” from the bottom of their hearts.
MeetEU Founder and
Project Coordinator
Heyyy, my name is Joshua (but you can call me Joshi <3 ). I initiated the German together.eu social media team. I'm the MeetEU server owner and responsible for all administrative things. In addition, I help to spread the European spirit around EU-citizens.
MeetEU Server Owner and Administrator
Hello everyone! I'm David and I'm helping out at MeetEU.

Europe to me is a great step toward a peaceful and united world and I want to contribute to keeping the project alive, now that it is under pressure from authoritarians.
MeetEU Moderator
Hi, I'm Moritz. Thanks to the European Union and the desire to shape the future together, we are experiencing peace instead of war and dreams without national borders.
I believe that only together we can preserve this achievement for future generations, therefore: Let’s make togetherEU, with you.
MeetEU Moderator
Hi everybody! I’m Hannah. It is more than ever important to support each other and get connected. That is why I support the together.eu social media team and MeetEU. The European Union is one of the greatest peace projects in human history. If we want this project to continue we must stand together as European citizens.
MeetEU Moderator

Thank you!

Special thanks to friends and colleagues across Europe for their assistance in launching this project:

  • Jill from the European Parliament Liaison Office in Berlin for helping with extending the project’s reach.
  • Matthias Schilling, Art Director at d-signbureau in Starnberg, for the logo design.
  • Bastien Mothais, Digital Project Manager in Barcelona, for the valuable feedback.
  • Andrew Lloyd Gordon (Pixabay) for the cover photo.
  • Tuomas, Valerie, Elias, Jan, Julia and all the other pilot testers for their time and enthusiasm.