About Us

The story so far ...

We are a network of volunteers who participated in the European Parliament’s #thistimeimvoting campaign in 2019.

The high voter turnout in the European elections motivated us to stay envolved. Why not connect with all these amazing people across Europe?

That’s why in November 2019 we set up a MeetEU pilot group. In  April 2020 we opened our platform for the general public.

The initial monthly discussions have now become one event per week. Great, the European exchange of ideas is picking up momentum!

So far, we have organized more than 50 events with guests from politics, civil society, science – and people like you and me.

For our commitment to keeping the European dialogue open, we won the second place of the 2021 JeanMonnetPrize.

The People Behind

Hi there, my name is Tina. I believe in European friendship and community spirit. That's why I initiated MeetEU.

My vision for Europe is a continent where people feel “United In Diversity” from the bottom of their hearts.

Founder and Project Coordinator
Hi, I'm Moritz. Thanks to the European Union and the desire to shape the future together, we are experiencing peace instead of war and dreams without national borders.
I believe that only together we can preserve this achievement for future generations, therefore: Let’s make togetherEU, with you.
Project & Event Coordinator
Hi, my name is Lars. I've participated in the European Elections 2019 as a volunteer, and I think that it's important to continue to spread awareness! What could be a better place for a talk & discussion than MeetEU? That's why I am here to help and enjoy all the exchanges on the European Union.
Event Coordinator
Hello, my name is Dinis. I am passionate about Europe, European values and how we overcame our differences and rivalries to build a Union based on the ideals of peace, democracy, freedom and human dignity. MeetEU is an excellent way of establishing a connection between institutions and bodies of the EU and the Europeans.
Community Moderator
Hello, my name is Klaus. My grey hair gives me away for pushing our group’s age average a bit north. It’s great fun cooperating with such a dedicated group of young people from different EU member states on that lofty goal of a united Europe. A real European Union, based on the EU-Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Rule of Law and a healthy environment, a global flagship project, is what I want to leave behind for my grandchildren. I help out here and there and provide some content.
Research Work
Hi, my name is Eoin (pronounced like the name Owen). I am from Ireland and a proud supporter of the European project and believe strongly that the EU really does unite us in our diversity, in no other union in the world would you find so many cultures, languages, religions and ethnicities all living together united, under our shared values of respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.
Event Coordinator
Hi! I'm Gellert, and I’m a firm believer in a bright future and our ability to build it together. One that is free, fair and democratic, let's lead Europe forward on hope, empathy and optimism.
Campaign Strategist
Heyyy, my name is Joshua (but you can call me Joshi <3 ). I initiated the German together.eu social media team.

I'm the MeetEU server owner and responsible for all administrative things. In addition, I help to spread the European spirit around EU-citizens.
Server Owner and Administrator

Thank you!

Special thanks to friends and colleagues across Europe for their assistance in launching this project: