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Would you like to talk about Europe with people from across the EU and beyond? Discuss your ideas directly with Members of the European Parliament, EU officials and activists? Gain a cross-border perspective?

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MeetEU - 2nd Place winner of the

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Once a week, we host online meetings with Members of European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EU experts and activists.

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Share your views on our Discord. Listen to others in community events. Host an event yourself. Help all of us learn more about Europe.

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We bring people together for real conversations about European issues. This mutual understanding is an awarding experience and leads to new friendships.


The State of the European Union – as Viewed by the MeetEU Community

Join us for a unique perspective on the State of the European Union address! Last week, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, shared her insights and plans. Now, it's our turn. At MeetEU, we're looking at the EU through the lens of citizens. What have we achieved in the past year, and what challenges should be addressed in the future?

Being A Journalist in Europe – A Pillar of Democracy in Danger?

7 out of 10 Europeans still rely on TV for their news. However, those who deliver the news, the journalists, often confront risks like legal troubles, financial pressures, or even violence. To address this issue, the Media Freedom Act has been drafted.

Together Towards an Inclusive Future: Strategies and Solutions

"We need more inclusion" - a sentence everyone likes to say and hear. But why do almost half of the people with disabilities live in poverty because they are unemployed or working in workshops where you earn €1 per hour?


European Year of the youth

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As a European Year of Youth stakeholder, MeetEU has organized several projects to promote intergenerational exchange on EU youth priorities. These included a simulation of the Council of the European Union and a co-creation workshop with representatives from the Commission, Parliament, and citizens' organizations.

MeetEU organized more than 40 digital events during the campaign year on various topics. Sounds interesting? Check out our report!

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