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MeetEU is a place for Europeans to come together. We talk about what’s going on in Europe. We share views and experiences. And we get firsthand information about what people in other EU countries really think.

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We are a non-partisan community for those who want to get out of their national bubble and connect with people across Europe.

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We bring people together for real conversations about European issues. This mutual understanding is an awarding experience and leads to new friendships - at least that's what we hope;)

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Apr 20, 18:00 CET

One Year MeetEU
What brings the future?

Every project is finite – MeetEU too. But we are not thinking about that at the moment, rather we have to use all our experience now to become active in the context of the conference on the future of Europe and turn all that knowledge we have built up into action now.

Let’s talk about Europe, let’s move it forward!
Its up to EU!

Apr 27, 18:00 CET

We take a break

May gonna be a very interesting month for all of us, in preparation for our Project "Its up to EU" we will take a break.

You want to talk about a special topic or organize an event yourself? Great. We are looking forward to your message.

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May 04, 18:00 CET

Active for gender equality! What is the EU doing and is it enough?

"Equality for all and equality in all its senses" is one of the guidelines of Ursula von der Leyen. What measures are being taken by the EU institutions and are they enough to achieve the gender equality already established in the 1957 Rome Treaties?

Join our exchange with Maria Noichl, MEP S&D.
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MeetEU - A Volunteer Project

MeetEU is an initiative of together.eu volunteers in Germany. It is an independent voluntary project that is not funded by any political party, business organization or EU authority.
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MeetEU partners with the European Parliament's together.eu campaign. This follow-up to the successful #thistimeimvoting campaing aims to raise democratic participation across Europe.
The European Parliament is the citizen's voice in the European Union. It is made up by you — the citizens of the 27 EU member states who voted the 705 European Members of Parliament.
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