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MeetEU - 2nd Place winner of the

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Once a week, we host online meetings with Members of European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EU experts and activists.

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We bring people together for real conversations about European issues. This mutual understanding is an awarding experience and leads to new friendships.


Digital EU Referendums – Democracy Booster or Stupid Idea?

A week after digital voting in Estonia contributed to a record turnout since the country's re-independence, we want to take a thoughtful step in this direction at the European level: Should there be digital referendums at the EU level?

A Common Platform for EU Activists – How Should It Look Like?

Civil society organizations connect Europe. But where do these thousands of volunteers meet to discuss current campaigns? Where can they find new comrades-in-arms and build partnerships? Despite the very active EU association landscape, there is still no central platform that promotes synergies between associations, institutions, and foundations.

How to Make the Eurozone Crisis-Proof?

Imagine: The EU member state in which you live is in trouble, the debt is high, and there is a danger of national bankruptcy? Then the European Stability Mechanism, ESM for short, is in demand! With its rescue fund, it can provide support and prevent the worst from happening. But how does it do that? Where does it get all the money from? And is its aid a blanco cheque? Mr. Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist will answer these and your questions!

European Year of the youth

Watch our #LevelUp22 aftermovie!

During the LevelUp Event—Accelerating Change organized by the European Youth Forum, 16 young Europeans of the MeetEU project coming from more than 10 different countries travelled to Brussels. In the heart of the European Democracy, the European Parliament, they acquired important new skills to make a change.

This Event was organized within the framework of the European Year of the Youth.

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