Digital EU Referendums – Democracy Booster or Stupid Idea?

A week after digital voting in Estonia contributed to a record turnout since the country’s re-independence, we want to take a thoughtful step in this direction at the European level: Should there be digital referendums at the EU level?

Together with you, we will discuss two areas in this one-hour discussion event: The advantages and disadvantages of referendums on the European level and the possible technical feasibility. Would Europe-wide referendums endanger the balance of power? Can they provide a welcomed platform for populists? Should they be binding?

According to the motto by citizens, for citizens, this event requires no prior knowledge. Just join the event, grab a tea, and discuss with Europeans from all around the corner in a cozy group.

A Common Platform for EU Activists – How Should It Look Like?

Civil society organizations connect Europe: Whether through this promotion of youth exchange, social projects, local European education, or Europe-wide participation formats. Thousands of volunteers contribute to European integration through their commitment.

But where do these thousands of volunteers meet to discuss current campaigns? Where can they find new comrades-in-arms and build partnerships? Despite the very active EU association landscape, there is still no central platform that promotes synergies between associations, institutions, and foundations.

Can we change that? Together with you, we want to develop a concept that turns out to be a hub for innovation. Be part of it, bring your creativity, and help to connect Europe across national borders,

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How to Make the Eurozone Crisis-Proof?

Almost 340 million people share the euro as their single currency. What if a new crisis hits our monetary union? To be prepared for this, we discuss ‘How to make the euro area crisis-proof?’ with Rolf Strauch. Rolf is Chief Economist at the euro crisis fund – European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Luxembourg.

We will speak about: What are the missing pieces in the euro area’s institutional architecture to master crises well in the future? Whether Europe reacted well to the pandemic? And which tools do the Euro rescue fund, ESM, have at hand to fight these economic hick-ups?

Together, we will explore the challenges and solutions for a prosperous and secure future for all of us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your questions, share your suggestions, or exchange views with Rolf! 

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